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The Kingston Community School Library takes copyright laws extremely seriously.

In this information sheet, we give a brief overview of copyright law as it relates to the use of material in educational institutions for educational purposes. Schools, universities and TAFE colleges, along with some other training organisations, are "educational institutions" for the purposes of the Act.

Detailed information about copyright and the special circumstances in which educational institutions may use copyright material without permission is contained in our practical guides Educational Institutions: Text, Images and Music and Educational Institutions: Digital & AV Resources.

For information about our other information sheets, other publications and training program, see our website or contact us (see contact details at the bottom of the page).

The purpose of this information sheet is to give general introductory information about copyright. If you need to know about how the law applies in a particular situation, please get advice from a lawyer.

A Copyright Council lawyer may be able to give you free legal advice about an issue not addressed in an information sheet. This service is primarily for professional creators and arts organisations, but is also available to staff of educational institutions and libraries.

For further information about the service, visit out Legal Advice page, or our information sheet at

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