Kingston Community School Library



The Library selects materials and develops collections in many different formats to provide Kingston District Council residents and Kingston Community School members, with a wide range of informational, recreational and educational resources which are easily accessible. The Library will acquire materials reflecting the full diversity of points of view on topics of interest to the public and the school community, therefore items in the collection will not necessarily appeal to all tastes and interests.


One objective of the Library is to select, organise, preserve and make freely available materials that help individuals and groups to:

  • Pursue continuing education
  • Develop creativity
  • Become more responsible members of the community
  • Enhance their skills in their employment
  • Enhance their leisure time
  • Obtain needed information

The Library provides materials and services to students, school staff and residents of all ages. It seeks to stimulate life long learning by offering a carefully selected collection of materials and skilled professional guidance in their use.

In it's selection of materials the Library endorses the Freedom to Read Statement as adopted by the Australian Library and Information Association. The Library is also bound by selection policies of the Department for Education and Child Development.

The Library will challenge censorship of any materials in order to provide complete and accurate information on all sides of an issue and to foster a climate of intellectual freedom. However, library staff have a "duty of care" to students and as such will not provide materials deemed to be of an objectionable or offensive nature.

The final responsibility for material selection lies with the teacher librarian. The responsibility for initial selection of materials is shared by all members of staff. Recommendations from registered borrowers are welcomed and encouraged.

Challenges regarding specific materials will be reviewed upon written request.

The Library will not promote specific beliefs or views but will provide enough suitable material to enable users to make informed and intelligent decisions.

Materials judged of lasting value will be added to the collection. Those materials meeting present and anticipated user interests may also be provided.

Selection of materials may be influenced by many factors, including but not limited to the following:

  • Budgetary considerations
  • Physical limitations of the Library buildings
  • Suitability of the format
  • Availability of specialised materials from other libraries
  • Availability of material through inter library loan
  • The need for added material in subject areas
  • The special needs of library patrons for materials in accessible formats
  • Existing library holdings
  • Individual merit of each item

The Library welcomes donations of materials with the understanding that they will be evaluated using the same criteria as those applied to purchased materials. If the donations do not meet these criteria, the Library reserves the right to dispose of them as it sees fit.

The Library collection will be kept attractive and current by a continual programme of repairing, discarding or replacing of worn and outdated material.


At Kingston Community School Library we look at physical condition, relevance, age and use of items before debiting them from the collection.

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